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export keystroke report from within the Reporting

Need to be able to export a session's keystroke report from within the Reporting Console for external ticket system.
I am using following command but cannot see the output file test.csv.

./sreplay -C /tmp/ -U admin -P netiq123 -g cmdctrl.db
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  • In the TID I provided above, the first example demonstrates a csv export with the use of "-C":
    /opt/netiq/npum/sbin/sreplay -lC -U admin -F key,user,runas,host,runhost,time,cmd,all -g cmdctrl.db

    Then below that are the ways to export the keystroke reports for the sessions displayed with the above command. Taking on "-C" to the command will do a csv export, for example:
    /opt/netiq/npum/sbin/sreplay -C -U admin -r 416899,cmdctrl.db -a

    If you want a csv generated file, then just output the command to a file:
    /opt/netiq/npum/sbin/sreplay -C -U admin -r 416899,cmdctrl.db -a > keystroke-report.csv

    There is no option to export as xml.
  • Can i get this report in PDF format.
  • frankabhinav;2470067 wrote:
    Can i get this report in PDF format.

    And also how can i do same procedure(Report in CSV) in Windows server.
  • I'm not sure the sreplay utility is available on Windows or not. I suspect it is bundled with the audit package and would be in 'C:\Program Files\NetIQ\npum\bin', but I don't see it in my environment for Windows. This makes sense to me because we recommend PAM Managers to be Linux based to support all the features.

    Exporting as PDF isn't currently supported through the sreplay tool. Future export options for the keystroke report are being planned in the UI of PAM (Reporting Console). Please make comments for this need and upvote to help prioritize this enhancement: