Data Migration - Connector Appliance (Cx200) to ArcMC (C65xx)


This tech note explains how to migrate data from Connector Appliance models C3200 or C5200 to a new ArcSight Management Center C6500 appliance running ArcSight Management Center 2.0.


DO NOT USE this tech note for migrating Connector Appliance models Cx400 to ArcSight Management Center C6500. Instead refer to the ArcSight Management Center Migration Guide.


ArcMC v2.0
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  • Does some people tests this process with success?

    If no what problem did you have? How did you fix it?

    thanks in advance


  • We followed the procedure and it has basically worked. Two caveats:

    - The Default ArcMC Rights Group was missing on the ArcMC box after the config restore. This made the web gui show a 500 error after logging in and only allowing System Admin Tasks. We have added the group manually and assigned it to admin users plus logged out and back in and the 500 error was gone.

    - ArcMC shows the local connectors as FATAL:Unreachable depite them working fine. We tried scanning the containers again but no change yet.


  • The procedure will have the new ArcMC Appliance take the IP of the old connapp - provided you have patched them to the same segment and take down the old box restarting the new box after the config restore.

  • I wonder data feed interruption while replacing legacy ConApps with new ArcMC appliances. Many source systems are configured to send data to SmartConnectors on ConApps. What will happen the data while replacing legacy ConApps to new ArcMC appliances? Any comment please?

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