SmartConnector Release Notes

Comment List
  • Hi,

    Unformatunately the changelog does not list anything for the Azure EventHUB connector. I would like to know what has changed since version 7.12 for this connector.

    We have version 7.12 installed and found the following issues, for which I would like to learn if a solution is available in this version (or planned for the next):

    Script to create the resources is not Secure.

    • By Default the SPN gets to much access rights   (not aligned with PoLP)
      -> Website contributor' on Subscription level instead of Resource Group level 

    • Script has no option to enable the firewall for:   
      • Event Hub  
      • Functions App  
      • Storage Account 
    • Secure Transfer is not required / HTTPS only is not enabled on:  
      • Storage Account  
      • Functions App 
    • FTP is enabled on Functions App