Description: Product Announcement: ArcSight SmartConnector Build is now available for download.

The latest ArcSight SmartConnector Build is now available for download by licensed customers from the HP support web site at http://support.openview.hp.com.


HP ArcSight is a leading global provider of security and compliance management solutions. ArcSight SmartConnectors provide advanced event and log data collection and processing capabilities to help enterprises and government agencies gain comprehensive visibility and critical insights into their IT infrastructure across all users, networks, datacenters, and applications. SmartConnectors are updated frequently to add support for new devices and event sources as well as new device versions.

What’s New?

In this release, we are announcing the General Availability (GA) of the following:

Selected SmartConnectors are available in native 64 bits for the first time.

  • This includes some of the most popular connectors, for examples, Windows Unified Connector, the Syslog SmartConnectors and others. 
  • Refer to the document "SmartConnectors Available for 64-Bit Platforms" https://protect724.arcsight.com/docs/DOC-9367
  • The strategic plan is to balance the needs to address ongoing customer requirements for SmartConnector versions updates, feature requests, new connectors, and the migration to native 64 bits native support. The native 64 bits migration will be delivered in a multiple phase. This release represents the first step and SmartConnector team expects this effort will require most of 2014 to complete.
  • If the 64 bits version of the SmartConnector is not available, then please use the existing 32 bits version of the SmartConnectors.  These connectors will continue to work in the compatibility mode with the 64 bit operating system.  
  • The main driver for migrating to 64 bits native binary is that most customer are using and requesting 64 bits operating systems support.
  • The product team do NOT expect performance enhancement nor performance degradation from using the 64 bits connectors.

New Connectors

McAfee Email Gateway SNMP

  1. 7.5

Arcsight FlexConnector JSON Folder Follower

For developing FlexConnectors getting events from vendor’s JSON format

New Device, Component, or OS Version Support

All SmartConnectors

Executable support for:
- Windows 64-bit
- Linux 64-bit

AirMagnet Enterprise Syslog

  1. 9.0

IBM SiteProtector DB

  1. 3.0

Juniper JUNOS Syslog

  1. 13.1, 13.2

McAfee Firewall Enterprise Syslog

  1. 8.3

Microsoft Audit Collection System DB

Operations Manager 2012 R2.

Microsoft IIS File
Microsoft IIS Multiple Server File
Microsoft IIS Multiple Site File
Microsoft IIS Syslog

  1. 8.5

Microsoft SharePoint Server DB

Server 2013

Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager DB

Systems Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 on SQL Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2

Oracle Audit DB
Oracle Audit Syslog
Oracle Audit XML File


Oracle Basic Security Module
Oracle Basic Security Module Syslog

Solaris 11 SPARC event collection

Qualys QualysGuard File

  1. 7.11, 7.12

Rapid7 NeXpose XML File

  1. 5.7 (with XML 2.0)

SmartConnector Product and Platform Support

Solaris 11 SPARC

Trend Micro Control Manager DB

ScanMail for Lotus Domino 5.5

Websense Web Security Suite SNMP

  1. 7.7


There are many more issues fixed and enhancement delivered with this release. In addition to the beta support listed below. Please read the SmartConnector Release Notes 7.01.6963 additional information.

Beta Support added are:

  • Cisco Wirelesss LAN Controller SNMP (Beta)
    Beta support for Cisco Airespace (MIB 4.0) is provided.
  • RSA Identity Management Service SNMP (Beta)
    Beta support for RSA Identity Management Service version 8.0 and SNMP version 3.0
  • SNMP FlexConnectors
    Beta support has been added for SNMPv3

Verify that you have a SmartConnector license before installing these connectors. If you are interested in a newly released SmartConnector, contact your sales representative to acquire a license.

You can find documentation and release notes on Protect 724 at https://protect724.arcsight.com.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at: http://support.openview.hp.com.

Thank you,

HP ArcSight SmartConnector Product Team

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