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SmartConnector 7.10.1
SmartConnectors 7.10.1
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  • Where can I find the public key that this parser update was signed with ?

    gpg --verify ArcSight-  
    gpg: assuming signed data in 'ArcSight-'
    gpg: Signature made Wed 14 Nov 2018 08:12:42 PM CET
    gpg:                using RSA key 72682D5929249957
    gpg: Can't check signature: No public key

    The only Micro Focus keys I'm aware of are, and they don't include this public key.

    What's also surprising, is that I can't find any MF documentation related to verifying these signature files anymore.

    The last framework update signature: ArcSight-, was created with public key C5CB8D128CAB0488, which is "Micro Focus Group Limited RSA-2048-17.public" from the link just mentioned.