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  • Hi  

    The "Connector Docs" page has two tables on the left hand side. 

    The first table is the monthly parser releases. (7.14.1, 7.14.2, 7.14.3, etc.)

    If you scroll down, you'll see the  second table which has the quarterly framework releases. (7.14.0, 7.13.0, 7.12.0 etc)

    You will find the official 7.14 release note documentation under the quarterly framework section.

    Hope this helps. 





  • Hi @Daniela Bonilla 

    I haven't heard from you on this, can you fix it please ?

    Is someone even looking/reading these comments ?

    Kind Regards

  • Hi  

    Thanks for posting the latest SC documents.

    But, I am wondering that why latest SC v7.14 documents are not posted on official URL

    How many URLs we need to keep following?

    Kind Regards



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