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SmartConnector 7.11.1
SmartConnectors 7.11.1
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  • yeah, worth a try though :)

    I don't see why these information can't be in the release notes in the first place. It would save me time to open and manage tickets.


  •   Good luck getting those.  We have tried for years and on the rare occasion when we made enough of a fuss about it they would give us the "real" (non redacted) release notes.  I've tried every argument I could think of, all the other vendors do it, we need it for goverment compliance, change mgmt, etc...  Now that they are microfocus we have just given up trying to get the release notes as its too much of a hassle and bother when their competitors do it standard without any hassle or requests or anything like that.  We use to be a bleeding edge partner with HP and would even beta test their software but now we dont upgrade unless we absolutely have to and have no workarounds.  Its a sad place to be when you are running outdated software on a security platform of all things because you cant get the vendor to work with you on even the most basic of things like release notes.

  • HI ArcSight Support,

    Taken a look at the release notes to check if anything in particular applies in our environment.

    We do use some of the Connectors listed in the Fixed Issues table, though you only state "Some events were being parsed incorrectly" which does not much help. Even with the Jira number for the bug or feature listed, as CON-xxxxx does not tell us what has been actually fixed.

    Would it be possible to have a bit of a description about what was actually fixed?

    This way I can cross-check against my environment and verify if that fix also apply in my case or not, because if it does then we will have to do some change management and consider the upgrade. If it does not apply then all the better, but currently we are not able to tell.