Maxpatrol Scanner Fleconnector


This Flexconnector is a Scanner connector to import vulnerability and asset data from a Maxpatrol Scanner.

Product: MaxPatrol

Vendor: Positive Technologies (

Product Version: 8.0.8967 and later.

Documentation is currently only available in Russian language and is contained within the zip.

For questions, please contact the author Eugenie Potseluevskaya by email:



New data that can be imported after update are:

  • For the PenTest mode: probable operating systems with their weights, the most likely OS (the one with the maximum weight, being added as an OS category), marking of the vulnerabilities that  are  under suspicion (discovered by using of heuristic methods) as Probable Vulnerabilities.
  • For the Audit mode: MAC-addresses.
  • For the PenTest and Audit modes: adding of the discovered applications as asset categories.
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