Vasco Identikey Parser (based on windows unified)


Windows Unified connector allows you to create a sort of flexconnector for application logging in the windows event log. This is what we did for Vasco Identikey Server, installed on a Windows 2008 R2 platform. We also created the categorization file with all documented vasco events (but during our tests we figured out there are undocumented messages generated by the device : these messages will be parsed but not categorized and extra information contained in these messages may not be correctly extracted).

Note that this parser is composed of multiple chained parsers : windowsfg => keyvalue => regex => another keyvalue (to parse "details" field)

Enjoy !

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  • Thanks for your reply, let me try and feedback to you.



  • No difference: the Windows Unified Connectors also runs on linux & unix. Just install it and copy the files.

  • We have Unix based appliance, so how can we integrate Vasco with ArcSight.

  • Recently found out that you must explicitely tell to the ArcSight Connector the application log name you will collect events from (under the event viewer). By default it is "VASCO" and you should put this value under parameter "Customer Log Names".

    Also important is the parser name has to be modified to "$Logname.identikey_server__$" where $Logname is the parameter above in lower case (so "vasco" by default).

  • File "application.identikey_server...." should be placed according to the windows unified connector documentation. The other 2 chained parsers should be placed under $ARCSIGHT_HOME/user/agent/flexagent/vasco/

    Note : this parser may not run immediatly in a windows environment because it uses forward slashes as directory separators, replace these "/" with "\" if you're under windows, both in "application.identikey_server..." and "vasco_regex...".

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