SmartConnector Release Notes



SmartConnector Release Notes
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  • Although we don't go back and update release notes, we will update the SmartConnector for Microsoft Windows Event Log Native configuration guide to add the 4.6.1 support. (Opened CON-17467 for this.)

  • I see you added an event code for the WiNC parser, did this event code get added to the end of the mapping file or did you add it in the middle of the contitional maps?

    I think last version incrimented all the custom mappings forcing me to update a parser override I had built for Kerberos events.

  • You have this Important Upgrade Note:  Support Ends for ODBC and Other Databases.  "Beginning with SmartConnector release 7.2.1, SmartConnectors are using Java 8. Java 8 does not support ODBC connections; therefore, database connectors using MS SQL databases can only use JDBC connections. For the same reason, the MS Access database and the embedded database for the Symantec Endpoint Protection connector are no longer supported with connector release 7.2.1 or later. If your connector uses an unsupported database, a warning message displays during local upgrades. Remote upgrades will fail, and automatically roll back to the previous version, possibly losing up to five minutes of events. HPE does not recommend upgrading until you are using a database connection supported by Java 8".

    I just want to confirm the last statement highlighted above, if we upgraded Symantec using the embedded database with Java 8.  Is that mean our Symantec will be supported since we are using the required Java version?

    Thanks in advance for clarifying this.


  • Hi

    On page 2 of the release notes it states "Added support for .NET 4.5.2 and 4.6. [CON-16115, CON-16570]".  However, it does not mention that 4.6.1 is also now supported as part of CON-16570.

    Can the release notes please be updated to reflect this fact?