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  • Mark, thanks for your comments. I’ll add an update for this guide to tasks for the current or next connector release.


  • Ingrid,

    One more thing.  On page 10 below screen print of 'Enter the device details' ; Can we add the format of the URL?  The screen print truncates the display and the JDBC URL is different from other products.  Here is the format example:

  • Hi Ingrid,

    1. For version agentdocs zip file: the old doc is included and not this version with new branding.

    2. Page 9 (both old and new) The screen prints show a JDBC Database Driver text box with a value of com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybDriver. This should be com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver as shown on the next page. This connector is not ready for JDBC 3 and the incorrect screen print led me to hours of debugging and testing.  Could I recommend a simple image edit to correct this.

    Technical note: Version 3 driver will work (unsure if officially supported). Although if you do this and have requirements for Sybase password changing, you must add 2 parameters originally found in the to your updating the version number from 2 to 3. Here are the 2 lines: '$oldpassword','$newpassword'

  • That is, I have "corrected" ...

  • Thanks you; I have correct that and several other typos I found.

  • Documentation team. p.3 Spelling mistake "Tne Audit System" should be "The Audit System"

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