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  • Thank you - it's great to see some progress on the cloud event capture and REST.  I'm not sure if this is just my limited understanding (how everything is provisioned, at the customer as well as at the vendor site).  Do we not need to also see a bit more detail in the doc around the actual query as define in the connector?  In addition to the expected results format? I don't know how the data is supposed to be provisioned / formatted at the cloud service provider, and in our original discussions with the vendor, they are telling us that REST and the required authentication are supported, but they want to know what tables / fields etc they need to stand up on their side as the query targets.  In other words, what specifically does the query look like.  And I don't know. 

    I suppose I could install the connector and review the agent properties?  Just need some more guidance for a REST newbie here.

    Does this make sense?   Thanks for any sanity checks, etc.