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  • Can you guys verify the mapping for Main events in page 12 and 13?

    Looks like r-supplier-ip and s-supplier-ip are interchanged. The s-supplier-ip should be in the destination IP while r-supplier-ip should be the source IP.

    The parser is accurate though, s-supplier-ip is the destination IP.


  • I am working with DEV to address these issues. Stay tuned.

    If you file a bug, please let me know the bug #.

    I am filling in for Ingrid while she is out of the office for a few weeks.


  • Additionally the document for bluecoat_ng_file connector agent needs to reflect new (non-legacy) documentation.

    The 6 new parameters related to internalevent.filecount may need to be documented for use in the section for "advanced options".

    p.17 The section for "Connector Appliance Settings" needs to be reviewed. The parameter value mode=RenameInSameDirectory seems to me as a typo as the parameter in believe should be mode=RenameInTheSameDirectory

    p.19-20 I believe parameters onrotation and onrotationparameters have been deprecated and the correct parameters to use are now mode and modeoptions. These are not available for modification in the section for "advanced options" and I'm submitting a bug for this. The parameter value mode=None to leave the files alone is not documented and should be.

    Thanks for your help getting the document corrected.

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the feedback and the image. I'll investigate this for the next release.


  • Ingrid,

    On p.16 and 17 screen prints represent the legacy bluecoat connector and not this bluecoat_ng_file connector. Can you have these updated? I provided a screenshot from Smart Connector 7.0.2 for page 16, yet the instructions need to be updated as the needed parameters like skipabnormalfile are no longer presented as advanced options. I'm submitting bug for that.