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SmartConnector Configuration Guides - Windows Event Log
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  • In general, additional version support will be added only for the Native connector. However, you can make a feature request through Customer Support to have support added for the Unified connector.


  • Thanks for the clarification Ingrid.

    Is there a technical reason why only the native SmartConnector supports SQL 2014?  Moving forward, does HPe plan to only support new versions of Microsoft products through the Native mechanism?

    I would like to bring in the events using the native WEF but am currently using the older Unified SmartConnector for all Windows based events.  I therefore have a good understanding of what is required for Unified and know that I can easily implement the integration without implicating other IT teams within my organization.

  • No, the Unified version supports through 2012 SP1. The version with Microsoft Windows Event Log – Native supports SQL 2014.


  • Does the Unified SmartConnector for Microsoft SQL support SQL 2014?

    Looking at the native SmartConnector guide, it states that SQL 2014 is supported... so I don't see why this one wouldn't support it as well since the event parsing is the same and only the collection mechanism is different.



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