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  • Changes made to each SmartConnector configuration guide are documented in the Revision History on page 2 of each doc.  Regarding your second comment, I understand a new support ticket has been opened and development is working on this issue. The configuration guide will be updated to remove this new troubleshooting item and to provide the correct information once it is available.  Thank you for your comments.


  • It would be good to see what has changed in this guide, a change log of sorts.

    Also there is incorrect information in this guide:


    What if I don't see incoming vulnerability data, including port scan data?


    To capture open port data, the plugin id 0 in Nessus must be enabled.

    Plugin id 0 doesn't do anything at all. This was confirmed with the vendor (Tenable) in writing  and passed on to support some time ago when we logged a ticket about the open-ports data not working in ESM (it still doesn't - ticket still open with HP support)

  • Has anyone else followed this guide?

    A few things we've noticed:

    - The trigger file is wrong in the document (ticket logged) - see the for the actual one to use on a fresh install

    - The scripted approach uses a now deprecated way of firing off Nessus scans (using the NTP interface which was deprecated in Nessus 4.something). Also the script says to use the xml format which doesn't exist with recent Nessus versions

    - There's a weird section about connecting up Nessus Scanners to Tenable Security Center, but then the above scripted example is designed to be run against the Nessus scanners themselves

    Has anyone successfully used this connector? Any hints?