ArcSight ESM v5.0 SP2 ArcSight Console User's Guide


Content authoring, operator, and administrator task information. This is the same information found in the ArcSight ESM v5.0 Service Pack 2 Console Online Help.


Comment List
  • I tested this on the Console. Turns out that the QV baselines I defined showed up in Files\Attachments. We will update the Console User's Guide to make sure the information matches the current Console behavior. Note that the baselines need to be created first in the Query Viewer resource. The QVs designated as baselines can be placed within a user-defined grouping (folder) within the Query Viewer resource, but this is not required.

    Thanks for catching that! The guide for the next ESM release will have this updated information.

  • Refer to page 305 of the guide.

    Once a baseline is defined, it is preserved as a File resource that is associated with the query viewer. In the Navigator, choose

    Files and expand the Query Viewer Baselines folder to view the new baseline files.

    There is no folder "Query Viewer Baselines Folder" in the UI