Release Notes for ESM 6.8c


What's new and what's fixed in ESM 6.8c.


PLEASE NOTE: ESM 6.8c does not support FIPS 140-2 mode.


ESM 6.8c
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  • Hi, Jurgen,

    Eric outlined the general guidelines for beta testing of the Superindex search feature we’re working on. We wanted to make it available to qualified customers to use on a beta basis while we are hardening the feature for all audiences in a future release. If you’re interested in participating in the Superindex search  feature beta, please contact Customer Support to see if you are a good candidate.

  • From what I understand, with this initial release of 6.8, you can have either 12TB mountable without superindexing, or 8TB mountable WITH superindexing.  This is the first version of ESM to take advantage of the Corre engine improvements introduced in logger 5.5 which carried into 6.0. 

    I have heard that the first service pack will fix it so you can have both 12TB and superindexing. 

    Superindexing has really generated some massive performance increases for frequent types of searches on the logger side, so it is worth getting excited about in ESM,  But... it's a new feature over here, and there's still some tweaking and tuning going on. 

  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks for your feedback very much appreciated :-).

    Kind regards,


  • Hi, Irinia,

    We recommend that you contact Customer Support about this issue so we can investigate it thoroughly and provide you an appropriate response.

  • I think it's very disappointing after hearing so much talk about the "superindexing" feature in 6.8c and now it's only a beta feature which is only for qualified customers to test it out.. (this was not mentioned in the GA)

    Kind regards,


  • Excellent!

    But what about NGS-7436?

    There is no information about this issue in release notes.

    Did you fix it?


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