ESM 6.5c SP1 Installation and Configuration Guide


Instructions for installing and configuring ESM 6.5c SP1.


Comment List
  • Hi, Frank,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We'll update the document to include Port 9000 on pages 13 and 18.

    The detail about modifying the iptables firewall is an item that we'd likely cover in the ESM Appliance document, since it's unique to that form factor. We'll evaluate the changes required there and publish accordingly. Thank you for pointing it out.

  • May I suggest improving the documentation regarding firewalls and ports to be opened, especially regarding ESM Appliances? (Also applies to the original 6.5 install guide)

    Page 13 and page 18 are not consistent. Port 9000 (new since peering feature in 6.5) is not listed on page 13.

    The appliances come with an activated iptables firewall, which is preconfigured to allow access to those ports needed for the ESM version the appliance was shipped with. However this preconfigured iptables is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation. Installing ESM 6.5 on an appliance that was shipped with 6.0, requires manual modification of the iptables configuration, as the ESM installer does not update the OS (and its configuration) on the appliance.