Installation Guide for ESM 6.8c


Installation and configuration instructions for ESM 6.8c.


ESM 6.8c
Comment List
  • Please note the paragraph before this step and the context in which this procedure is written. The paragraph says:

    "If you complete the installation without fixing these, you can still set up the time zone package after

    completing the installation. Use the following procedure (after ensuring that you have downloaded and

    installed the correct package and the link is set correctly):"

    "After you complete the installation" means that the user arcsight does indeed, exist.

  • A little errata in the installation manual.  On page 19 of the install guide it states"

    1. As user arcsight, shut down all arcsight services. (This is important.) Run

    /opt/arcsight/services/init.d/arcsight_services killAllFast"

    If this is a clean install the user arcsight doesn't exist yet.  It is not until page 21 that the manual describes how to create the user arcsight.

    Now for experienced users this is probably nothing, we know to create the user arcsight, but for the new admin this may cause confusion. 

    It may be beneficial to clean this up in the next version,clarify the user creation.