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ESM 7.2
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  • When will we see the updated version for the newly released v6.11.0? Need to know what platforms are certified, please. Thanks!

  • How come ArcSight Express 4.0 is end of support by 31st Dec 2016 together with ArcSight Express 3.0? ArcSight Express 6.9.0 just released on Aug 2015, ArcSight Express 4.0 should not be end of support so soon. If this is a mistake, please fix it ASAP. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Check today's (Nov 2) upload. Let me know if you have additional questions.

  • Sorry about that. Am in the process of updating the matrix, hopefully to straighten things out. Stay tuned.

  • Can you clarify that statement? Your wording suggests that P2 is only supported on RHEL 6.8 and not on 7.x.

  • Regarding the update for ESM 6.9.1 Patch 1 and then Patch 2, you will notice that Patch 1 supports RHEL 7.2 but Patch 2, RHEL 6.8. This is not a mistake. OS support is based on the timing of the ESM patch release and the latest RHEL release.

    Here is the link to the Red Hat site that provides release date information for RHEL 7 and RHEL 6:

  • Hi,

    We are in the process of upgrading the RADIUS servers that are used for ESM.

    Old Radius: CRadius server , RFC 2138 compliant

    New Radius: JRadius Server, RFC 2865 compliant

    During tests we are getting invalid RADIUS responses from the new one:

    "[2016-08-11 16:11:41,535][ERROR][] Bad RADIUS response packet."

    [2016-08-11 16:10:22,256][INFO ][] Processing NEXT for panel 'FipsAuthenticationSetup'...

    [2016-08-11 16:10:22,256][INFO ][] -----------------------------------------------

    [2016-08-11 16:10:23,999][INFO ][] -----------------------------------------------

    [2016-08-11 16:10:24,000][INFO ][] Processing NEXT for panel 'AuthenticationSetup'...

    [2016-08-11 16:10:24,000][INFO ][] -----------------------------------------------

    [2016-08-11 16:11:23,874][INFO ][] -----------------------------------------------

    [2016-08-11 16:11:23,875][INFO ][] Processing NEXT for panel 'RADIUSSetup'...

    [2016-08-11 16:11:23,875][INFO ][] -----------------------------------------------

    [2016-08-11 16:11:41,350][INFO ][] -----------------------------------------------

    [2016-08-11 16:11:41,350][INFO ][] Processing NEXT for panel 'AUTHTest'...

    [2016-08-11 16:11:41,350][INFO ][] -----------------------------------------------

    [2016-08-11 16:11:41,353][INFO ][] Authentication Modules: com.theorem.radius3.login.RADIUSLogin [{port=1645, authtype=PAP, secret=xxxxxxxx, server=xxx, debug=true, NAS-IP-Address=@xxx}]

    [2016-08-11 16:11:41,370][INFO ][] Registered MBean 'Arcsight:service=SessionManager'.

    [2016-08-11 16:11:41,535][ERROR][] Bad RADIUS response packet.

    at com.theorem.radius3.login.RADIUSLogin.login(

    at com.arcsight.server.auth.FallbackLoginModule.login(

    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(




    at Method)




    [2016-08-11 16:11:41,538][INFO ][] Authentication Modules: com.theorem.radius3.login.RADIUSLogin [{port=1645, authtype=PAP, secret=xxxx, server=xxx, debug=false, NAS-IP-Address=@xxx}]

    Can you please advise on how to solve the JRadius Server, RFC 2865 support for the ArcSight ESM ?

    Is it supported at all ?



    PS: I was not able to post this without setting a "place" and could choose nothing that would have been related, thats why I posted it here..

  • When will HP support RHEL 6.6 on ArcSight ESM 6.8c?



  • Can anyone let me know if ArcSight ESM 5.2 have an EOS/L date.  It is currently running in Windows 2008 x64?   Thanks.

  • Any words on the availability of the upgrade path from ESM Express 4 to 6.9

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