ESM v5.0 Service Layer Developer's Guide


Instructions for using the ESM Web Services API to integrate ESM services into your own applications. Applies to all currently released ESM versions, Oracle and CORRE-based.


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  • A reply at last: an updated and certified API doc is on its way in an upcoming release. Thanks for your patience.

  • Also... a pointer to another thread that noone is replying to - I would assume many people try to use the services interfaces to do dashboarding so I hope you might be able to contribute here to:



  • Hi Jane, I never got a reply to this, not sure if you can comment?

    I got back from support this message:

    Hello Chris,

    I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. As I had mentioned earlier, I had reached out to the experts here on the issue we were seeing, once I had reproduced the issue.

    I have an update from them and it is that ESM API s have not been officially supported on 6.0C onwards.

    I appreciate your patience while we reproduced the issue and worked with the experts. Do you want to look into a feature request for this for the future. Please let me know.

    Thank you,


    And this message:

    Hello Chris,

    I apologize for the delay in updating you. As mentioned before I have opened a Feature Request for support of APIs and for proper documentation of the APIs.

    Currently there's no way to call the Data Monitor APIs, to get data to publish external Dasboarding Systems. I do understand that you used the APIs before in earlier versions of ESM. As you are aware with 6.x we moved to a MySQL database.

    Here's the link to the internal Feature Request. We will update you when it is addressed.

    Thank you,




  • We have the Logger work done, I was told by the guy who did it that the WSDL just said method1 and method2 etc so he had to figure out what that meant, and there was no explanation about what each call did and what the parameters were so he just played until he worked it out.  I was going to have a look, but I am focussing on the ESM APIs and they have taken all my free time until I realised there are known issues, so I have stopped for the moment!

  • It should not have taken writing a new WSDL. At worst, you might have had to modify the self-referencing URLs in the Logger WSDL to reflect the real service end points.

    How is the Logger API work progressing?

  • Hi Jane I have an ongoing support ticket for this that has taken months. However the current feedback is contradictory to your replies-I am told that development have said that the ESM API has been unsupported since 6.0c.

    If that is the case, how come you are currently documenting it??!

    Incidentally the issue I raised in a separate post above has been independently verified by support so there are definitely serious bugs in the API currently


  • Hi Jane, as an example of the documentation problem, please see my other thread which is also linked to support ticket 4647807348

    Support are struggling to answer this request and the thread on Protect hasn't had any replies so it seems to be consistently a problem.  Would you be able to have a look and see if anyone can help?  Thanks

  • One of our devs was working on the logger while I was working on the ESM...I'll ask him for details.  I know he gave up and wrote a new WSDL in the end

  • Hi, Chris, there is no new document yet. I mentioned in my last post that an update to the ESM document is underway, and should be available later this year (2014). There's a lot of development and testing work going on to make the next generation a vast improvement on the first, so we appreciate your patience.

    As for the Logger APIs, you can find the latest doc for that here: .

    There are no other guides available right now, either internally or externally. We're hearing the demand for this loud and clear, and we're aware that the demand is great.

  • Hi Chris-

    Regarding " the WSDL for the logger seems to have only minimal relevance to the actual interface currently", what are you trying to do with the Logger API?