ESM 101 for ESM 6.0c


A comprehensive introduction to ESM 6.0c components and functionality.


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  • Good conversation. Details like these would go in the Installation Guide. Would you please summarize any doc revisions indicated by your findings? Thank you.

  • Is the /opt/arcsight XFS formatted partition where ESM 6.0c is installed, database/manager included.

  • What is the minimum size of the /opt/arcsight XFS formatted partition?

  • Yes,  everything gets installed in /opt/arcsight/

    It also installs web even if you dont want it there. I tested it and if it is smaller then 50GB the installer refuses to install.


  • Hi, Angelo, good questions and good catch.

    Event archiving is handled in ESM 6.0c using the CORR-Engine storage. This is described in the ESM 101 topic "Correlation Optimized Retention and Retrieval (CORR) Engine" (chapter 9 on page 109) and also in the Management Console Guide ().

    Resource archiving can be managed using packages or use cases. Both of these features are also described in 101 and the ArcSight Console User's Guide (. Let me know if these topics don't answer your question. 

    I'm not sure where in the index talks about resource archiving? I didn't see a listing for that under Archiving or Resources.

    We will clean up the place on page 161 that refers to a topic that isn't there. Thanks for catching that.

  • Guide makes reference to chapters that do not exist.

    For Example: PG 161 states

    For more about the archive utility, see Archiving Resources in Chapter 3, Resources, of the

    Administrator's Guide.

    Chapter 3 in the Administrators guide: Chapter 3: Running the Manager Configuration Wizard .....................................................

    Chapter 4: Managing Resources.  Even there is no section Archiving Resources.  There is managing resources but nothing about archiving resources.

    Did HP just slap this together cut and paste?

    Archiving resources doesn't get mentioned until your in the Appendix.

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