Upgrade Guide for ESM 6.5c


Instructions for how to upgrade from ESM 6.0c to ESM 6.5c. For failure recovery scenarios, see the Upgrade Failure Recovery guide for ESM 6.5c. Updated 11/18/13 with information about XFS, port 28001, and velocity templates during upgrade.


5/22/14: removed the tip about contacting Customer Support for instructions to upgrade the OS from RHEL 6.2 to RHEL 6.4. A standard OS upgrade following your own organization's RHEL upgrade policies is all that is required.


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  • There should be some clarity added to this warning:

    "If you run the upgrade from a remote system connected to the ESM system, have X-Windows running on your remote system. Use ssh -X to run the upgrade."

    On a remote Unix system with a full graphical environment this should work fine, but if you are planning this upgrade remotely using Windows, you must be running a local X server, and forwarding your sessions. There are several tools to help, but recommend any all-in-one SSH client and X server, such as MobaXTerm. (MobaXterm free Xserver and tabbed SSH client for Windows) The other popular alternative is XMing and PuTTY.

    Make sure to test by typing "xterm" or "xeyes" once your connected, (hopefully one or the other is installed.) If you get a newly created window, then it is working.

    According to anecdotes I've heard, the console only/text based upgrade will NOT work. This is in stark contradiction to the fact that a fresh 6.5SP1 install fails if X forwarding IS enabled.

    Happy upgrading..

  • It is supported in ESM6.5SP1.

    Supported platforms can be found in the Life Cycle Document,no need to talk with support.

  • Hello Mario,

    Upgrading the OS will not upgrade any ESM components. Please be reminded that when the OS
    is upgraded some libraries such as libc, etc, may be upgraded. ESM Manager may
    be dependent on them.

    In the future RH 6.5 will be supported. For supported platform in ESM 6.5 please
    see the Product Life Cycle document. For now, RH 6.5 is not tested and
    supported in ESM 6.5


    Dai Ngo

  • Looping . I don't believe there are any ESM components that get upgraded as part of the RHEL upgrade. I think the reason you want to upgrade ESM first and then the OS is to ensure that the OS knows where to find everything after the OS upgrade is complete.

    For the second question, I presume you mean upgrade to RHEL 6.5? I'll defer to the Customer Support team to talk about supported platforms.

  • Hi Jane, can you pls clarify the following text:

    Upgrading ESM 6.0c to 6.5c

    To upgrade your operating system...

    If you would like to upgrade your operating system from Red Hat Enterprise  Linux (RHEL) 6.2 to 6.4, do so only after you have successfully upgraded your ESM installation to 6.5c.

    Once you have finished upgrading ESM and completed  the post upgrade tasks, upgrade your RHEL from version 6.2 to 6.4 according to your RHEL upgrade policies.

    Are there any ESM components that are upgraded as part of the RH Linux upgrade ?   What are the possible issues if we decide in the future to migrate to RH Linux 5 ?


  • Thanks. Jane.

    "A spoon is dear when lunch time is near"

  • Hey, gang, you'll be pleased to know that after reviewing the process again, the team confirmed that a standard RHEL upgrade using your organization's normal RHEL upgrade policies is all that is required, so we've removed the statement from the doc suggesting that a special procedure be followed for RHEL upgrade.

    Thank you all for expressing your concern--it helped drive the resolution. Thank you for your patience.

  • Hello,

    Support can't help us, they gave a link to this document. I see absolute incompetence of HP Support Team in not obvious requests. Is it really hard to find that doc or to ask Nathan about it through enterprise communications?

    The more we work with support the more we disappoint in it.


  • Hi Dimitry/Nathan,

    If you could share the document that would be fantastic.



  • Thanks for help, I've asked again. Why is this document not published here on Protect724?


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