Asset Model Import Connector Developer's Guide v5.2.1.6190 for ESM v5.2



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  • Has anyone used this connector with a CORRe based  ESM? It is only bundled with the 5.2 ESM, so I am wondering if there are any hooks that are only available in the NON CORRe ESM,

  • They aren't the same. ArcSight- actually installs the old version (long story) of the Asset Import connector (pre 5.x I believe). While the ArcSight-<OS>.bin installs the latest version that's part of the 5.x branch.

    To your question though, no - there's no version 6.x of the Asset Model Import Connector yet for any OS.

    Long story: Through the grapevine, I've discovered that 6.x is a branch off the main 5.0 version specifically to migrate off of Oracle and onto CORRE. With 6.5c, the 6.x branch featureset will match the featureset of the 5.5 branch. That's why the current 6.0 asset import model connector actually installs the PRE-5.x version. At least that's what my grapevine is telling me.

    Confusing as hell imho!

  • Thanks for explanation James but still it's so confusing :-))

    something interesting for you too.



  • It's part of the ESM 5.2 Eng Media package "HP ArcSight ESM 5.20 Eng SW E-Media". If you select that from your HP support section, the sublist that comes up includes the actual download for the file: ArcSight- If you install the 6.0x-Connector package as mentioned above (as I did before), you install the OLD, PREVIOUS version which does not follow the file format of the Asset Model Import Connector documentation. The old version follows the previous format of "hostname, ip address, etc." Hope this helps once and future folks with this issue like myself when I first installed the 6.0x version from the connector package.

  • It's so confusing how ArcSight- and ArcSight- can be same?

    Is there no version 6.x AssetModelImportConnector-Linux.bin available?



  • I know I'm a bit late, but someone else might wonder.

    You need to d/l from the HP site. The file will be in the SmartConnector section and will look like this : ArcSight-

    You can then install this on any Windows machine (there's version for other OS as well)

    During the install you need to select the type of connector you want. You choose ArcSight Asset File (or something like that)

    You will need to specify source folder and a destination (your ESM and/or a CSV file for debugging)

    From there you'll need to figure out the right file format (witch I haven't manage yet).

    Good luck

  • This is not what is documented in this document. The Arcsight Console tool doesn’t allow me to automate the process.

  • Bruno,

    For this to work, you need to install the ArcSight Console and use the import under the Tools -> Network Model with the correct format.

  • I am having the same issue. Where can I download it?

  • Hi Jane,

    Where can I download this connector? We looked for Asset Model Import FlexConnector without success.

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