ESM 6.5 Patch 1 Release Notes


What's fixed in ESM 6.5 Patch 1.


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  • for the Storage and Archive issue, HP was able to replicate the issue and it is with their dev team but no fix yet.

  • We are also having "Storage and Archive" max size issue with our ESM 6.5c install, ticket 4647587848. No good response from HP yet. Any luck with this? Thanks!

  • We have also seen problems where the Active List, Session List and Trends have been going over their specified capacity limit or row limit.

  • , thank you for posting this!  We are having similar issues but Arcsight keeps telling us it's just us having some of these issues, even though we have heard others are (but we didn't have proof). 

    The biggest issue we have, which is huge, is where Active lists stop populating overtime, restarting ESM services or manually purging the lists fixes it for a time and then it breaks again.  We have had a ticket open since January on this (4647523007) but they haven't given us a bug id yet:

    had a very similar issue where active lists stop populating over time:

    ANd a smaller issue where 6.5 Command Center "Storage and Archive" maximimum size value are show incorrect, developers have it but no bug ID yet, ticket 4647587170

    Hopefully if enough of us get together then they will at least acknowledge some of these issues are known (instead of telling us that we are the only ones having these issues) and through the group peer pressure hopefully we can make some traction

  • Can someone please explain to me what this patch really means and why I should install this patch?

    I read: There is a critical issue (page 5) and a possibility your 6.5 instance is about to die with signal 11 under certain circumstances....

    Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 22.14.15.png

    Happens, I was reading another presentation today with this slide on it:

    How does this relate to the patch and if this "only"  one server issue , why do I need to patch an entire console, across the enterprise??

    Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 22.34.50.png


    this cant be true, is the level of documentation now becoming consistent with the level of support we get lately???

    I was waiting for some real fixes in 6.5p1 like the plugin framework which is broken


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