Generated Idx file - Indexing Cartridge


When executing a business flow containing an Indexing Cartridge (index into IDOL) an Idx file is generated and then submitted to IDOL.

Is there a way to manually get those Idx files?  Or configure SDM such that i can get to them?

I would like to check the structure of the files and perform manual indexing for testing.

  • the idx files should be stored locally in the file system of the SDM WebConole server. In WebConsole look at your environment location - there should be a LOCAL_TEMP_FS location, with a file system path such as ${archivePath}/temp/${environment}/

    for example on my Windows server this equates to C:\SDM\OBTHOME\archive\temp

    Running an indexing cartridge on its own will index the OLTP location. Running as part of a data extract (Database to File) will index the extracted data.

    If the index is running as part of a file extract, the IDX will be sent to the file archive location configured in the Environment as well as the business flow system parameters.