SDM support discovery and masking noSQL databases?Ex: MongoDB ?

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i have a doubts about  best strategic for protect  and classification noSQL databases with Microfocus Solution SDM and Voltage ?

SDM support discovery and masking noSQL databases?Ex: MongoDB ?

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  • Hi ,

    I have the following information from our experts. Hope this helps! 

    SDM support MongoDB thru JDBC driver for Discovery and Extraction.

    For Changing MongoDB values, JDBC would be way too slow. The way you want to approach masking MongoDB data is the following.

    1. Extract existing MongoDB data using SDM to CSV file with MASKING
      CSV file will have masked data
    2. Truncate MongoDB table
    3. Load CSV file produced by SDM back to MongoDB table using Mongo load data command


    mongoimport --type csv -d test -c products  --drop products.csv


    ·        –type: The input format to import: json, csv, or tsv. We are using csv so that’s what we specify.

    ·        -d: Specifies what database to use. here test database.

    ·        -c: Specifies what collection to use. here a collection called products.

    ·        –drop: Specifies that we want to drop the collection before importing documents.