Sentinel has been released

Sentinel has been released.


Readme hasn't been uploaded/released, so not sure what is fixed in this patch just yet.

  • It seems redundant to create a new post with the same subject, so I'll reply with the official announcement. The release notes are posted to the doc site now.


    Micro Focus is pleased to announce the availability of Sentinel 8.2.2. This service pack includes appliance support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 SP4 and drops support for SLES 12 SP3, which is scheduled for end of general support in June 2019.

    Sentinel 8.2.2 also includes a number of important bug fixes for security and stability. More information is available in the release notes at

    Patches are available at PatchFinder or through the NCC update channel for appliances. Clean installers are available at

  • Hi , can you please give us some hints of the highlights with this release while we wait for the Release Notes to be published?

  • Verified Answer

    I will be focusing my attention on fixing the problem with the doc publication (it should be live by now), but in the meantime, here is a list of the significant issues that were fixed: 

    • Ability to Paste Passwords in the Profile Page#
    • Sentinel Server Does Not Set Browser Security Headers in the Server Response #
    • Cannot Import Intermediate and Root Certificates while Configuring the Syslog Server SSL Connector in Event Source Management #
    • Sentinel REST API Document Does Not Include the Explanation for Possible State and Status Values of Data Collection Methods #
    • The Alert REST API Displays an Exception#
    • The Alert REST API Does Not Display Field Values of Alerts when the API Includes the Field Parameter #
    • Ability to Modify the State of an Alert Without Assigning the Alert to the Owner#
    • Java Threads of Sentinel and Collector Manager do Not Terminate after a Task has been Completed#
    • Event Visualization Dashboard Does Not Display Events#
    • Events Forwarded to Syslog Devices through Syslog Integrator Display Only the First Word of the Device Vendor Name Instead of the Complete Name #

    Additional changes in OS support were mentioned in my previous post.

  • The publication issue with the Sentinel 8.2.2 release notes is resolved now.