Report development using custom Data Sync Policy


I'm trying to get iReport generated report to work with custom Data Synchronization policy created from Sentinel GUI to internal PostgreSQL database. Now when i run the report from Sentinel i get this error message:

Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: permission denied for relation test
I verified that when creating the database table from the GUI the owner of the table is dbauser. Now i checked the RDD created tables and their owner is appuser. I tried to alter the test table owner to appuser but i still get the same error message. Is there something spesific that is should define in the report template?
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    Another problem related to this is that with Sentinel SDK developed RDD the IP addresses remain in hex in the database even if datasync.saveIPinDottedNotation=true is defined in the file. Custom table created from Sentinel GUI shows the IP in dotted human readable format after that but not the RDD? We are using Sentinel version 8.2.3, if it makes some difference.