Collector development - Performance issues

Hello, everyone,

i have performance problems with a self developed collector.

The logs are separated with spaces and sometimes contain quotation marks. Below is an example for the log format.

valueA valueB valueC "valueD" ... valueZ

Currently I am separating the log using the safesplit() function. Then I assign the values directly to the variables.

Below is an example from the code

var input = this.s_raw_message2
myArray= input.safesplit(" ");

if (myArray[8] != zero) {
if (myArray[8].length >= 2) {
var vendorOutcomeCode = myArray[8];
e.VendorOutcomeCode = vendorOutcomeCode[8];

if (myArray[9] != zero) {
if (myArray[9].length >= 2) {
e.SourceIP = myArray[9];

The log contains about 30 own values, which I assign to the variables via the above way.
At the moment this collector only manages about 70 EPS. But it is necessary that this collector creates about 500 EPS.

My performance troubleshooting has shown that the performance issue is not directly caused by the safesplit function. It seems that assigning the array to individual fields drastically reduces the EPS.

Am I using the safesplit function or assigning the individual variables incorrectly?
Does anyone have any tips for tuning?

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