Unable to run SDK

I always get an error when connecting to Sentine 8.2 Server:

Error: Could not find or load main class com.novell.reports.jasper.data.event.ConnectionCheck
[echo] ERROR: Unable to successfully create a connection to Return code: 1
[echo] WARNING! Unable to create the new connection.

I've installed SDK from


and try to connect to a Sentinel 8.2.

Java jdk 7 is installed

I've also installed iReport for building reports
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    We just posted a new version of the SDK today at https://www.netiq.com/support/sentinel/plugins/. I'm not sure whether it will address your issue - the released version is very similar to the preview - but I suspect it would be best to troubleshoot using the latest version. Would you mind giving it another try?

    Note: The Eclipse downloads haven't changed, so there's no need to reinstall them.
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    This is a pretty typical problem if you are on either the 2011.1 sdk or the 2014.1 preview. As Cheryl noted, the latest 2019.1 SDK just posted, and it's tested with all currently supported versions of Sentinel.