Relocation of the Plug-in SDK

Hello all,

As part of a consolidation/upgrade project, we've relocated several of
the resources associated with the Novell Plug-in SDK. To wit:

1) The site has been decommissioned, and the
associated content has been relocated to the parent site If you visit that page, you should see a
"Develop Identity and Security Solutions" link, which in turn leads you
to the "Develop to Sentinel" area (see link at lower right). Note that
we will be fine-tuning and updating that content now that it has been

2) The SVN repository has been MOVED to a new server. If you use the
old Forge SVN, you will need to move your repository. The quick and easy
way to do this is to go into your existing SVN directory (e.g.
/var/data/sentinel-sdk) and run the following command:
svn switch --relocate
(this is for the whole repo - if you only have a subtree checked out,
you can adjust the command accordingly. Post here if you have

3) The forums will continue to serve as our central point of
communication about the Plug-in SDK. Post here with any questions or

Thank you!

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