Collector's parameter in SqlQuery (JDBC connector)


is it possible to inject value of any collector's parameter into query
defined in sqlquery.base?
If not , any suggestions when and how to create SqlQuery without using
sqlquery.base but form scratch (from String) just in release.js would be

Or if I put something like '###parameter_name###' into sqlquery.base
where then is the good place in release.js to replace this pattern with
the correct value?

Example: source behavior "from the beginning" not neccesarily must mean
the first record in terms of offset. It might mean the specific date
(e.g. last New Year). Esp. if database contains tones of records since
last 20 years and using 'event_date' as offset is not impossible for
some reasons.

So, "ROWNUM > %s and AND event_date > {this.CONFIG.params.start_date}"
(or as above: event_date > ###param###) in "WHERE" clause would help

Regards, Darek

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