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Cisco Firesight should support syslog

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

One of our customers, ACCELYA WORLD S L U, logged the below with us:

We need to handle events from cisco firesight version 6.x, but we see that the specific collector only handles the events of version 5.x and that they do not support receiving events by syslog.

Can you confirm if I set the Cisco eStreamer utility to point to the collector will the connector process events correctly, even if they are from a higher version of firesight?

Do you plan to upgrade the collectors for cisco firesigth 6.x versions?

They have this installed:

I had a word with engineering, and they said it works fine with cisco firesigth version 6. They have tested that.
When, engineering plan for the next release, they will update the support matrix.

However regarding syslog requirement, I was asked to log ER in bugzilla.

Only connection methods FILE, and PROCESS are supported.


Henk Tjalsma