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over 13 years ago
Attached is a tool 'mversionreader' that is made to extend the functionality of the 'versionreader' tool which is part of Novell Sentinel. The Sentinel versionreader tool gets version information from Sentinel JAR files so a customer or Novell's Support organization can verify that the correct versions are installed in a particular system. The default tool only takes one parameter at a time which makes getting the versions of all files in a system difficult.

This tool will take either multiple files as arguments or an entire directory and will then parse all JAR files for their versions. If no parameters are specified, then the default $ESEC_HOME/lib directory is parsed. Output is written to standard out (STDOUT) and can be redirected to a file to be saved or sent to a third party like any other program's output. This script is written in Perl and is intended for use on Linux/Unix systems. The tool assumes that $ESEC_HOME is set for the running user which is normal on systems with Sentinel components installed. For usage information use the following command: --h
Usage: ./ [/path/to/directory | [/path/to/jar/file0.jar [/path/to/jar/file1.jar]...]

Redirecting output to a file: > /tmp/versioninfo.txt

Place the file in a directory specified in the user's path for the command to work without a full path as specified above. $ESEC_HOME/bin is one example for Sentinel systems but others include (on SUSE/SLES/SLED) the user's ./bin directory (/home/username/bin for example) or /usr/local/bin if 'root' privileges are available to put the file there.
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