Updated Versions of Sentinel Link Collector and Syslog Integrator are generally available

over 3 years ago
Sentinel Link Collector 2011.1r3

  • Supports HTTPSERVER connection method that allows parsing of events from Change Guardian and Secure Configuration Manager through the HTTP Server Connector. This connection method is available only from Sentinel 8.2 and later.

  • Supports Syslog Connection method to properly parse events sent via Syslog forwarder.


Syslog Integrator 2018.1r1

  • Allows you to configure the Integrator to send events in Common Event Format (CEF) to any Syslog server that supports CEF

  • Bug 884874 - Sentinel Control Center Integrator Manager Web interface now correctly displays the SSL port number when you change it to a non-default value.

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