Several Sentinel Collectors are released

over 4 years ago
Microsoft DNS Collector 2011.1r2

  • Parses the DNS Debug events properly when the Date Time is in 24 hours format. (Bug 992826)

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Citrix NetScaler Collector 2011.1r4

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Fortinet FortiGate Collector 2011.1r4

  • Parses URL value in Webfilter events. (Bug 984876)

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McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention Collector 2011.1r1

  • Supports McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention 8

  • Includes other parsing fixes, see the Release Notes for more information.

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Oracle WebLogic Server Collector 2011.1r1

  • Supports WebLogic 12c

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Sophos Enterprise Console Collector 2011.1r2

  • Parses different types of Firewall events similarly. (Bug 987214)

  • Shows fields not mapped to Sentinel meta tags in ExtendedInformation. (Bug 987212)

  • Parses important fields from the Data Control event. (Bug 987210)

  • Populates Target User and Host information properly for the Virus type events. (Bug 984970)

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NetIQ Universal Event Collector 2011.1r6

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