Help Shape the Future of Sentinel

over 5 years ago
We’re already working on the next version of Sentinel, and have some awesome ideas for enhancements.  But before we go too far, we need to check with the most important people --  our customers.  That’s you.

We’d love to get your input on some of the features we are considering, so we’ll know which ones to add first, and which can wait till later.  Please sign up to take a quick online card-sort test.  It will take less than 10 minutes to do, and it’s actually kind of fun.   We’re looking for a representative sample of testers, so take this survey and if you fit the profiles we need to test, we’ll add you to the testing pool.  To thank you for your time, we’ll send you a $10 Amazon Gift Card when you complete a test.

Take the survey now to join the test pool:
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