Migrate Sentinel Remote Collector Manager to newer hardware

over 3 years ago

This article explains the steps of how to migrate the old Remote Collector Manager (RCM) to new hardware.

Here is the use case we used:

A user had an RCM pointing to the Sentinel Server. Suddenly there is a failure in the software (RCM). The user recreates their ESM configuration.

Here are the steps involved to solve this problem:

    1. Install the RCM in the newer hardware.


    1. Copy the /var/opt/novell/sentinel/data/host.id file from the Old RCM to the new RCM.
      ex: scp /var/opt/novell/sentinel/data/host.id novell@NEWRCM:/var/opt/novell/sentinel/data/
      (or) manually copy the UUID from host.id file of old RCM and replace in new RCM host.id file


    1. Stop the Old RCM services.
      rcsentinel stop
      Note: It is important that the old RCM is never run again, otherwise it would cause a conflict.


    1. Restart the New RCM services.
      rcsentinel restart
      Note: Your newly installed RCM instance node will be displayed in the unknown state and the Old rcm instance node will be in running state with all the existing ESX configurations.


    1. (Optional) Remove the unknown state node instance from the ESM and rename the running RCM node instance with the actual hostname and ip address.


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