D-Link DIR-655 Sentinel Collector

This is a simple collector that I wrote for a home router that I had, D-Link DIR-655 that has Syslog support. I developed it during a Sentinel course I attended (Sentinel Software Developer Kit: Building Collectors and Reports which I recommend).

It's quite basic and it's the first collector I wrote but it works and supports almost all router functions except the DHCP server since I use dnsmasq for DHCP/DNS.

This is a development build, not a production build.

The development build is in the file D-Link_DIR-655_2011.1r1.clz.zip.

The entire source code is included in the D-Link folder.

The collector is tested with Sentinel 7.0 and 7.1.

I'm just putting it out there even if there probably is no practical use to it since this is not an enterprise/business type of product.

The collector is unsupported, use at your own risk.


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