Sentinel 6.1 SP2 patch

I noticed several errors after install Sentinel 6.1 SP2 patch.

Let me write some of them:

- All Active views were erased.
- In some cases Open Raw Data doesn't work
- There is an error in the Collector Manager, because all collectorScripts, connectors and Event Sources changed the status to Off and the icons in pink color, as unknown status.
- Is complicated turn on each collectorScript, connector or Eventsource; due the configured status is On, but Actual status is Off.
- The CollectorScripts received events and after 2 minutes, didn't
- I can not receive events.

I had to reinstalled my Sentinel twice, because with Sentinel 6.1.1 it works very good but with Sentinel 6.1.2 always failed.

I'm using Windows 2003 and SQL 2005.


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