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End users are unable to launch control center or solution designer. It hangs on: "Authorizing with Single Sign on technology" then errors out with "Unable to access application."

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Sentinel Version
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There has been instances where customers have reported that they are not able to launch the control center.

The following mentioned steps can be followed as a work around in launching the control center.

  1. Login to sentinel server as a root user and run the following command.
    ss -tlnp | grep 10013
  2. In the output of the command check the value of second column. If it is greater than 0, then you will need to kill that process.
    1. Below is the sample output. Here the value for the second column is 1.

  1. If the value is more than 0, do the following
    1. In sentinel server, go to “<sentinel_install_directory>/opt/novell/sentinel/jdk/jre/lib/security” location and add TLSv1.3 under jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms in file to disable TLS1.3 protocol .

  1. Run the following command
    1. rcsentinel restart
  2. Wait for the sentinel server to come up. Once the Sentinel server is up, please login to sentinel and download the control center. Try launching the control center and it should work.

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