SSPR/CLE unable to dispaly AD Fine Grain Password Policies?

Windows 2012
CLE 3.9.1
Password Policy = LDAP
Directory = AD

I have been consistently unable to get either the SSPR HelpDesk module
or the CLE Password Policy link to _display_ password policy when it is
set by AD fine grained password settings objects. As far as I can tell,
the policy set by these objects is _enforced_, but it is never
_displayed_. So when you check the Password Policy tab in the Help Desk
module of SSPR it shows only the domain password policy not the user's
fine grained policy, and when you click the Password Policy link in CLE
it simply flashes and brings you back to the GINA (with the Password
Policy link now gone).

This would be really, really useful functionality to have working. Does
anyone have this successfully working?

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