Idea ID: 2782598

Add a flexible SSPR E-Mail Notification Configuration

Status : Accepted
over 2 years ago
Existing option to specify only a SMTP Server connection detail does not permit an Enterprise to leverage its Enterprise-wide Notification Service that could have been custom-built or provided by a cloud vendor.

SSPR can offer an E-Mail API Notification Configuration option that supports specification of the following:
- Notification end-point
- Notification protocol (REST/SOAP)
- Custom Notification Parameters
o Attribute to be used as a Notification Subscriber ID
o Attribute to be used as a Notification Template ID
o Attributes to be used as Template parameters

Note: Above custom attributes can be pulled off User Attributes, or still better, a mapping table can be supported so that these can be maintained at a Partner/Customer Company level, instead of looking into each User object.

Benefits arise due to the consolidation of SSPR generated E-Mail Notifications with other E-Mail generated by various Enterprise Services. Benefits include Partner/Customer specific notification preference/personalization support and Bounced E-Mail Reporting. All Enterprise Service implementation become consistent in the way notifications get generated (common API). The API can be hosted in a cloud service that is rich in custom features mentioned above