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SSPR intergration with AAF on a single portal

Status : New Idea
9 months ago

Customer has SSPR and AAF implemented . They  are requesting a single portal for SSPR and AAF that will enable them to manage their  user accounts without moving from one application to another .

They want this for easy of use .

Currently we do integration with oauth for forgot  password module but this is not what they are looking for .

  • It would even help if the SSPR helpdesk had a link to the current user in AAF so you don't have to search twice (sspr search is much better).  With the federated login coming this would be an easy improvement to the user experience. 

  • This would be great!

    As far as I know, with the release 5.0 SSPR will be available as multiple container micro-services. The integration into AA would be the next logical step