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Welcome to Cybersecurity Technical Sales Enablement Community!

Join a dynamic network of partners and employees to deepen your understanding of OpenText's cutting-edge security solutions.

From in-depth use case insights to best practices for engaging and managing solution needs, this technical community fosters collaboration, enabling you to confidently navigate the complexities of modern cybersecurity leveraging OpenText Cybersecurity portfolio.

Elevate your skills, engage in discussions, and stay ahead of emerging threats. Together, we're shaping a secure digital future.

If you are a partner or an OpenText employee, join us and unlock the potential of Cybersecurity excellence!

Cybersecurity Portfolio
  • Application Security (Fortify)

    Delve into code-level security insights and proactive defense strategies using OpenText’s Fortify application security solution. Access resources, immerse in hands-on training, and collaborate to advance Code Security innovation.
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  • Data Privacy and Protection (Voltage)

    Uncover in-depth perspectives on data privacy and protection solutions powered by OpenText's Voltage technology. Enhance your proficiency in safeguarding both structured and unstructured data, managing risk while ensuring discovery and security.
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  • Identity and Access Management (NetIQ)

    Elevate cybersecurity, embrace new paradigms, and network with experts to experience a trust-centric future using OpenText’s NetIQ solutions. Redefine Identity, Access, and Governance paradigms, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance.
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  • Security Operations (ArcSight)

    Embark on an AI-infused cybersecurity security operations journey with OpenText's ArcSight. Amplify security ops, predict threats, and automate responses. Join experts, engage in events and collaborate to harness AI's power for proactive defence.
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