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Welcome to Technical Bootcamp on Fortify Easy button to integrate GitHub Actions & GitLab CI/CD Templates

Cybersecurity Technical Boot Camp is a program designed to equip you with technical enablement capabilities through a flexible, self-paced learning model. Discover the power of our hybrid enablement approach, seamlessly blending online lessons with immersive Hands-on Labs

Opensource code base has become an integral part of your application code. Without proper security measures, malicious actors could exploit vulnerabilities, compromising the integrity of the code and expose sensitive data. With increasing complexity, what you need is a seamless integration experience to scan and secure your build pipeline across GitHub Actions and GitLab CI / CD templates.

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming Application Security Bootcamp on Fortify on Demand. During this event, you'll have the chance to acquire vital insights and hands-on expertise in the integration of GitHub Actions and GitLab CI/CD templates with Fortify on Demand platform, harnessing Debricked's open-source scanning capabilities.

Lab Exercises will include securing:

  1. Java applications built with Maven or Gradle
  2. .Net6 source code with MSBuild
  3. Python3 source code
  4. Sanning Infrastructure as code (IaC) with GitLab
  5. API Scanning via FoD (Manual) Submission

Attention Fortify Endusers

If you are interested in training your Technical team on AppSec, contact us with your requirement.