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Welcome to Technical Bootcamp on Setting up Fortify ScanCentral DAST on Self-Managed Kubernetes 

Cybersecurity Technical Boot Camp is a program designed to equip you with technical enablement capabilities through a flexible, self-paced learning model. Discover the power of our hybrid enablement approach, seamlessly blending online lessons with immersive Hands-on Labs

In today's digital landscape, web application security is paramount. Hackers are constantly evolving their tactics, and even minor vulnerabilities can have devastating consequences. DAST offers a powerful solution, providing real-time insights into potential security weaknesses within your applications.

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming Application Security Bootcamp on deploying Fortify Scan Central DAST on Self-Managed Kubernetes. The workshop will leverage Ubuntu 22.04 and K3s distribution of Kubernetes. It's important to note that participants are expected to have prior knowledge of Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes concepts.

Enablement Objectives:

  1. Master DAST Fundamentals: Gain a thorough understanding of SCDAST concepts and how Fortify empowers you to secure your applications and API security.
  2. Deploy with Confidence: Learn to deploy Fortify SCDAST components seamlessly on your self-managed Kubernetes cluster.
  3. Uncover Hidden Threats: Conduct effective DAST scans, analyse results, and leverage Debricked integration for advanced exploit analysis and hacker-level insights.
  4. Simplify Secure Testing: Explore how Fortify Connect streamlines SSL VPN needs, ensuring secure access control for diverse applications during testing.
  5. Automate and Integrate: Discover techniques for autoscaling using self-managed Kubernetes.

Whether you're an esteemed partner or a dedicated employee, this exceptional program is exclusively tailored for you. Don't miss this opportunity to walk away with the knowledge and tools to conduct a successful DAST Proof-of-Concept (POC) within your organization and take your web application security to the next level!

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Attention Fortify Endusers

If you are interested in training your Technical team on AppSec, contact us with your requirement.