Cannot download voltage token using Chrome

Hi we have a problem with Voltage SecureMail were every 60-90 days it requires users to download a new authentication token to decrypt the emails.  When we try to download the new key using chrome it just downloads a token.evat file and never applies it.  The only way we can get the token to apply is to switch the default browser to Internet Explorer and then it will download and apply the key successfully.  With Internet Explorer becoming End of Life we are trying to find a solution that will allow us to download this token through chrome.  Is there any way to make this work in chrome?  They are on Voltage Securemail 7.4

  • Suggested Answer


    This is a known issue with Chromium based browsers (like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge) and occurs intermittently. Voltage Encryption Client does not perform browser specific actions.

    Once token gets downloaded, the browser will show the download completion notification at bottom area of the browser. If user clicks on the downloaded token file, then Voltage Encryption Client will recognize it and starts downloading the voltage keys.