General Availability Release: Voltage SecureData Sentry 5.1.2


Features and Benefits:

CyberRes is pleased to announce the release of Voltage SecureData Sentry 5.1.2.

Voltage SecureData Sentry is a data protection broker that simplifies and accelerates the adoption of strong data-centric protection in SaaS applications, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications, and on-premises applications.

This service pack release resolves several issues and improves security:
• Certificate requirements: We’ve changed certificate requirements to improve communication. Certificates for both the Control and Engine components must have all DNS names needed for communication set as the Subject Alternative Name.
• Host parameters: For Linux installations, we’ve modified the configuration in line with the certificate changes. When you configure the pod environments for the Control and the Engines, the Host parameters must match the Control or Engine hostname respectively, and the Subject Alternative Name in the respective certificate.
• Control Cluster Role: For Kubernetes Installations, global privileges for the Control Cluster Role have been removed as it is no longer required during Control installation
• Simple API: We’ve also updated the Simple API to version which resolves some additional memory usage issues, and the Voltage plugin has been updated to 6.0.3 accordingly.

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